energetic allergy healing

What Is Energetic Allergy Healing?

Energy medicine is a sub-field of complementary and alternative medicine. 

It’s based on the pseudo-scientific belief that practitioners can transmit “healing energy” to patients. This energy transfer is done to improve the patient’s health. 

Holistic energy healing is a process that involves activating the body’s subtle energy systems in order to clear away obstructions.

The belief is that removing these energetic obstacles will trigger the body’s innate capacity to repair itself. 

Yes, we know that is a lot of information to take in!

But below, we will break down Energetic Allergy Healing. You’ll find out what it is and how it may help you with allergies. 

What Is Energetic Allergy Healing?

Practitioners of Energetic Allergy Healing believe it is an incredible way to completely heal us and rid our bodies of allergies and inflammation. Some say it can totally change the course of the lives of those plagued by chronic allergies. 

The traditional definition of an allergy is a hypersensitive physical reaction to particular substances. However, allergies are so much more than that.

An allergy is simply a form of internal resistance that manifests itself as a negative immunological response in the body. The absence of harmony is represented by resistance.

There are a variety of reasons why energy could become stagnant or blocked. It doesn’t matter how big or small the emotional disturbance is; it can still block up your energy. 

Obstructed Energy Flow

Your energy flow might be obstructed by any traumatic experiences or dramas, whether they are genuine or perceived.

Inflammation in the physical body can be brought on by the blockage of energy (and the energy bodies). When there is excessive inflammation in the body, we are more likely to experience pain. And this pain can be a precursor to “allergies.”

When you are experiencing any resistance, whether it be mental, emotional, or spiritual, you are literally absorbing that resistance into your physical body. This is how many holistic practitioners believe inflammatory conditions and allergic reactions begin.

Restoring Harmony

This unconscious resistance is released, and harmony is restored through allergy healing. This works by drawing deep-seated negative programming, traumatic experiences, and emotions out of you, which is the root cause of this resistance. 

If you can do this, your body’s energy and cellular layers will naturally return to a state of alignment with both the external and internal environments it resides in.

Because you have reached profound harmony on a spiritual, energetic, and cellular level, allergens in your surroundings, such as grains, pollens, and dust, that triggered an allergic reaction in the past will no longer affect you. 

This leads to an increase in your overall sense of well-being.

In conclusion, some believe allergies are caused by a disruption in the body’s natural harmony. Energetic Allergy Healing aims to restore that balance. 

It does this through the process of releasing your unconscious resistance and extracting deep-seated negative programming, traumatic experiences, and emotions that are producing this resistance within you; energetic allergy healing helps bring your body back into balance.

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