5 Depression Relief Tips For Lockdown

The current lockdowns have affected billions of lives throughout the world. It has been stressful for a lot of people, which can lead to fear, anxiety, and depression.

So, how do you manage your depression in the face of this uncertainty? We have listed 5 depression relief tips while in lockdown to help you cope with today’s world. Check them out below.

  • Take a Break
  • Remind Yourself It’s Temporary
  • Unwind
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Connect With Others

Take a Break

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the sensationalized news stories online, on the papers, and on TV, take a break. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting. This doesn’t mean you have to disconnect yourself from social media, or stop watching TV.

But, you can always filter out upsetting words and key phrases to help lessen the upsetting news you see. It’s also better if you only read from trusted sources such as the CDC, and the WHO.

Remind Yourself that this is Only Temporary

There will be days when this pandemic might feel all-consuming and endless. However, it is important to know that medical and public health experts are working around the clock to make the situation better and develop a vaccine. Remind yourself that this is beyond your control, and that this will soon pass.


Before the outbreak, it seemed impossible to find time for yourself and to unwind. You were so busy with work and your daily routine that you kept putting your needs in the backburner.

Now that you are at home quarantine, it is the perfect time to unwind. Relax your mind and start activities that you meant to try before. Start that hobby you’ve been wanting to try for some time, try meditation, gardening, painting, poetry, whatever you desire.

Take Care of Yourself

Now’s the best time to eat healthy and live healthy. Plan your meals ahead so you can eat healthy, well-balanced meals. Try some light breathing exercises to help your mind relax, meditate. Get enough sleep.

Connect with others

Don’t forget to connect with others. This self-quarantine is enough isolation so do not isolate yourself from people you trust. Make a phone call, or chat with someone you trus