How Much Is Best Home Gym Equipment in 2020?

So…the fitness world has been turned on it’s head with the current pandemic.

Now you may have gone back, or maybe you’re still staying away, not sure what to do, because there is no way you could afford to create your own home gym…or could you?

Best Options For Home Gym Equipment in 2020

  • Cardio Equipment
  • Weight Lifting Equipment
  • Resistance Bands

Best 2020 Cardio Equipment

Sure, the high end options like Peloton and certain BowFlex machines are crazy expensive, north of $2,000, but did you know there are options available on Amazon and other online retail sites that have, hundreds, sometimes thousands of 4+ star reviews that are in the $200-$500 range?

Yup, that’s right, there are cycles, elliptical, rower, treadmill and other cardio machines in a very affordable price range that get great reviews and can more than handle your cardio needs.

Make sure you read the reviews, consider dimensions and understand what your personal needs are, but there are a ton of great options ready to help get you through the upcoming fall and winter months.

Best 2020 Weight Lifting Equipment

Again, there are literally a ton of home gym options on the market that can offer you a complete workout for those of you who like to lift.

Expect to pay anywhere from $750 to $2,000+ for the top of line home gym stations.

If you have the room and budget, great, see what you can get done, but there are other options for home/apartment owners on a budget and tight on space.

There are numerous weight benches, some that fold to create space saving options, that can be used with dumbells.

Your first thought is probably about a rack full of dumbells…and you’re thinking…come on dude…where am I going to fit those…and how much is that going to cost?

What if we told you there are adjustable dumbbells that save space and go up to 90+ pounds?

BowFlex has a few wonderful adjustable systems that are the real deal in the $500-$600 range. Add a decent bench for $100 to $200, and you have a complete home gym ready to go for about what you’d pay for 6 months to a year of a gym membership…

Best 2020 Resistance Bands

Not quite ready to invest in a home gym, but still want to build some strength, consider resistance bands.

They’ve come a long from even a few years ago and offer an excellent option for strength training.

You can guy highly rated resistance band systems from $29 to $150.

Some are specialized per sport, and some offer a complete body workout.

Simply find a place to attach them and you’re off to the races.

Some kits attach to the door, while others have easy attachments that you can secure to eye hooks installed at strategic points in your wall to allow for the proper workout angles.

No matter your preference, read reviews and do some research to see what your best options might be.

Regardless of your budget or available space, there are some amazing home gym options out there in 2020!