non surgical face slimming

5 Non Surgical Face Slimming Options

5 Non Surgical Face Slimming Options

Even for those who maintain a balanced diet and exercise routine, many people still struggle to get the face shape they desire. 

Although some people are born with round faces, medications, genetics, stress, and a wide variety of other factors can also affect the contours of the face, making it nearly difficult to change the shape of the face.

There are a few different minimally invasive treatments that can sculpt the jawline, remove buccal fat, and thin the facial contours. 

The aesthetic symmetry of the face can be improved with non-surgical face slimming techniques, which do not require scalpels or require a considerable amount of recovery time. 

Below, discover 5 non surgical face slimming options that can help give you the face you’ve been dreaming of!

5 Non Surgical Face Slimming Options

Masseter Muscle Injections

By injecting neuromodulators into the masseter muscles (muscles connecting the jawbone to the cheekbones), tension can be relieved in the muscles. By relieving this tension, you can reduce the width of your jaw. 

The masseter muscles are responsible for chewing and grinding. They can be wide naturally or as a result of a tendency to clench the jaw. 

This Masseter Muscle Injection treatment takes around two weeks to produce its full benefits and results last between four and six months.


Kybella is a synthetic deoxycholic acid that destroys fat cells through a series of microinjections. Once the adipose cells are eliminated, they cannot return, making this a permanent remedy. 

This FDA-approved injection can also be used to reduce the appearance of lower cheek fullness.

After Kybella eliminates the fat cells in the buccal fat pads, a square or round face acquires more v-shaped characteristics. Initial face-slimming benefits appear between four and six weeks after the first Kybella treatment, with continuous improvements after each subsequent treatment.

Filler Injections

Placing fillers strategically in different parts of the face might help slim the face. Using fillers in your cheeks may appear paradoxical to make your face appear slimmer. After all, fillers are typically used to add volume.

Fillers, however, can make your face appear more young and sculpted. They can also decrease fine lines and wrinkles and restore bone loss that comes with age. 

Fillers can not only visually restore bone loss and reconstruct the frame you had when you were younger, but they can also assist in re-sculpt the entire face for a more lifted appearance by inserting fillers in areas where cheeks are normally contoured with makeup.

A dermal filler injection can repair volume loss caused by fat and muscle volume loss. At the same time, it can also give lift and contour, particularly in the jowl area near your mouth. 

Fillers can increase the volume of your face, help you reshape it, and make your features look younger and, for men, more angular.

Fillers are an excellent approach to achieving a thinner face without undergoing surgery. The results from fillers can last several months. Depending on the type of filler used, it may be reversible if you are unhappy with the results.


Botox can help relax the tight masseter muscles, causing them to soften and shrink, making your face appear narrower. 

Fillers are utilized around the jawline to fill in any gaps and in the chin to help extend the face and create a heart-shaped face. 

Combining Botox and fillers can help generate a more V-shaped appearance.

CoolSculpting And Ultherapy

To target double chins, one popular treatment is to use CoolSculpting. This treatment will freeze fat for easy absorption into the body. 

Practitioners will often combine this with Ultherapy. This is an FDA-cleared lifting treatment that helps tighten the skin.

These treatments work together to lift and tighten the skin. Both are noninvasive, relatively comfortable treatments with no recovery period and long-lasting effects.