Best Contacts For Dry Eyes

Everyone experiences a dry eye every now and then, especially today as we’re all constantly exposed to electronic gadgets. If you experience itching, burning, and stinging feeling in your eye, then you are probably experiencing dry eyes.

Those who wear contacts can also be susceptible to dry eye conditions, which is why more manufacturers are coming out with contacts designed specifically to help alleviate the dryness in your eyes.

Best Contacts For Dry Eyes

  • comfi Daily Disposable
  • Focus Dailies All Day Comfort
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist

comfi Daily Disposable

The comfi Daily Disposable is one of the most affordable disposable contact lenses on today’s market. The brand promises great comfort and 58% water content for every lens. These are designed to keep your eyes lubricated from morning til evening. Remember to dispose of the lens properly after every use.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

Another great all-day contact lens for everyday use is the Focus Dailies All Day comfort. These are the perfect choice for those who experience dry eyes. Each contact lens is designed with blink-activated moisture technology that helps keep your eyes lubricated and refreshed with every blink.

1 Day Acuvue Moist

Acuvue Moist is another great 1-day contact lens. These disposable lenses feature LACREON® technology that binds moisture to the surface of the lens. This helps keep the eyes hydrated throughout the day.

What Makes A Great Contact Lens for Dry Eyes?

Before we talk about brands and specifics, let us first discuss what makes a great contact lens. For dry eyes, it is always better to choose soft contact lenses.

Compared to rigid lenses, soft contacts are designed to hold water. Most soft lenses are made of special polymers that are permeable. This means that oxygen can pass through it, letting your eyes breathe.

Another factor to consider is the water content of the lenses. This varies greatly from brand to brand. To find the perfect water content that’s best for you, you should consult with your eye doctor.

Naturally, if you are not a big fan of daily or disposable lenses, there are also other options. You can find monthly contact lenses or ask your doctor for prescription lenses that helps keep the eyes hydrated.