best pharmacy savings cards

Best Pharmacy Savings Cards

Pharmacy savings cards are cards that provide discounts to the original prices of medications in pharmacies. They are offered by pharmacies, and they are offered for free. 

As many of us know, medications can get quite expensive, especially prescription meds. And not everyone who needs medications can easily afford them. 

That is the reason why pharmacies offer discount cards for their loyal customers. However, there are also several pharmacy cards offered by companies. 

So, the question is, which pharmacy cards offer the best deal? In this article, we will tell you which pharmacy card offers the best deal. 

Which Are the Best Pharmacy Savings Cards?

The answer to that will depend on the quality that you are looking for. 

GoodRx: The Industry Leader

For most consumers, the best overall pharmacy savings card is the one offered by GoodRx. The reason for that is because they offer a huge discount on medications that cannot be easily bought due to high prices.

Another reason why GoodRx is the best overall is because of their accessibility. GoodRx has a network of more than 70,000 pharmacies. 

To add to that, you can download their app. The app is super easy to use and, as long as you have your phone, can use it anywhere!  

Other great companies that offer pharmacy discounts cards are: 

Best for local pharmacy: Optum Perks

What makes Optum Perks’ savings card so nice is that it can be used at local pharmacies as well as pharmacy chains. There is no need for enrollment or membership to obtain a card. 

Plus, their savings card is accepted at about 64,000 pharmacies. 

Best for future savings: SingleCare

Using SingleCare’s pharmacy discount card allows you to get a discount up to 80 percent off when purchasing in a pharmacy. With SingleCare’s pharmacy discount card, you can also earn additional savings toward Rx fills. 

Their savings card is accepted at 35,000 pharmacies. 

Best for chronic illness: RxSaver

RxSaver’s pharmacy discount card is useful for people with chronic illness. Why? Because it offers up to 85 percent discounts for expensive maintenance medications. 

Aside from prescription medications, they offer huge discounts on prescription medications. Their card is also usable to 60,000 pharmacies. 

Best for home delivery: Blink Health

Not everyone who needs medications can easily go to pharmacies. Some are homebound and bedridden. 

And Blink Health offers free delivery for people who use their online pharmacy. Not only that, but also they offer up to 80 percent discounts on retail prices.

Other companies that offer great deals using their prescription card include:

America’s Pharmacy

There are no enrollment fees to obtain an America’s Pharmacy’s savings card. And not only that, but they also offer up to 85 percent discount for prescription medications. 

Discount Drug Network

Discount Drug Network’s pharmacy savings card is usable to 66,000 pharmacies nationwide. Plus, you can use their mobile app to search for local pharmacies as well as discounted prescription prices. 

These suggestions above are only some of the best pharmacy savings cards you can look into. We hope that this has helped you gain an insight on which ones to get!