How To Control Bipolar Anger Without Medication

Bipolar disorder is a very complex illness that requires continuous treatment and management. Because the illness is unpredictable, a person who has bipolar may find it difficult to control their unexpected outbursts and anger.

This leads a lot of people to the question “how to control bipolar anger without medication,” and if it is possible. Unfortunately, there is no quick answer to this, so allow us to discuss further.

How To Control Bipolar Anger Without Medication

Bipolar disorder often cycles through episodes of depression and mania. And anger is a common emotion those with bipolar deal with during an episode.

Here are some tips to control bipolar anger on the depression episodes without medication.

Psychotherapy Specific to Bipolar

There are a lot of psychotherapies that are proven to help with bipolar treatment. Often it includes cognitive therapy, prodrome detection therapy, psychoeducation, and family-focused therapy.

Light therapy

Another option is to try light therapy to help control both depression and mania episodes.


A lot of people with bipolar disorder agree that exercise can help them release stress, anger and emotions. While it is true that exercise is a difficult thing to do, especially for those with depression, it’s still very much worth a try. Exercise, especially aerobic and calming exercises have an antidepressant effect. 


There are supplements and things you can take to try to control bipolar mania anger. While they are things you will ingest, they are not technically medication. Always be careful with treatments like this. But if you’d like to give some a try, here are some things that have helped people deal with their anger.

Phosphatidylcholine or choline

This may help reduce the severity of bipolar episodes.

Amino acids

Amino acids such as isoleucine, leucine and valine are proven to help improve and stabilize those who are experiencing acute mania episodes.


This is another popular mood stabilizer that was proven to effectively treat manic states.

We have seen a number of people who suffer from bipolar disorder try a wide range of strategies to help manage their mood. Each strategy has a different effect for them.

Other Options To Control Bipolar Anger

Their approaches range from simple, everyday solutions such as self care, exercise, keeping in touch with family and friends, going on holidays, moving to a new place for a fresh start, taking time off work, and using techniques they have learned from psychological therapy.

We hope that these tips will help you control and manage bipolar anger without medication. Don’t forget to let us know how it goes! Good luck, and take care!

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