neuropathy treatments and symptoms

Neuropathy Symptoms and Treatments

What is neuropathy, and should you be concerned about it? If you’re reading this page, you’re probably wondering what neuropathy is. We’ll be happy to answer this for you.

Neuropathy is another term for nerve damage. It can occur as a result of different health conditions. The health conditions vary, hence, neuropathy is not a singular health condition. 

Rather, it is a term that medical professionals use to describe a range of health problems that involves nerve damages. There are a wide variety of underlying causes that result in neuropathy, and oftentimes, these are irreversible. 

Neuropathy Symptoms

Symptoms of neuropathy can include the following:

  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Temporary or permanent numbness
  • Highly sensitive to touch
  • High tingling and prickling sensation
  • Burning sensation to the muscles
  • Experiencing some dysfunction in organs or glands 
  • Experiencing impairment to urination and sexual function

There are also different types of neuropathy namely, mononeuropathy, polyneuropathy and Distal symmetric polyneuropathy.

Mononeuropathy involves damages to just one nerve. Polyneuropathy refers to the damage on multiple nerves. Distal symmetric polyneuropathy is most common on people with diabetes. 

Neuropathy can be long-lasting. But it can also be permanent. And it can also be temporary for those patients who are currently in chemotherapy. 

Neuropathy Treatments

There are plenty of different treatments doctors recommend for neuropathy. These usually depend on nerve damage. It also depends on how severe the symptoms are. 

Treatments may include over-the-counter medication and prescription medication. For some severe cases, surgery and nerve stimulation may be recommended by your doctors. 

Keep in mind that neuropathy is an umbrella term. And there are plenty of underlying causes that may cause this to develop. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and take care of your body, first. Exercise and proper diet are a great way to prevent neuropathy and nerve damage.

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